Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Jeeva Pet Hospital knows that your pet deserves the best care possible, and sometimes that care requires laboratory work and  immediate testing to understand your pet’s internal health status. Immediate lab results are critical in life threatening situations for animals and our veterinarians perform the necessary tests depending on the urgency and type of laboratory test needed. 


Hematology is the study of blood, its chemistry, and components. The most common blood test is a complete blood count (CBC). This test determines the number and type of white and red blood cells circulating in the bloodstream. It is most often used to check for signs of inflammation or infection. Determining the number, size, and hemoglobin content of red blood cells helps identify disorders such as anemia. Platelets are also examined during a CBC which can help identify blood clotting disorders.


Serum biochemistry refers to the chemical analysis of blood serum. A profile of tests can be combined to evaluate renal function, electrolyte metabolism, serum proteins, digestion, injury, lipids, pancreatic function, and the liver. Specialized chemistry testing can also be undertaken to assess thyroid glands and liver function.


A veterinary clinic-based microscope is particularly useful for carrying out examinations of body fluids, secretions and skin/hair scrapings. These may rapidly indicate the presence of parasitic infections, microbial infections, allergies and neoplastic disease. More detailed laboratory examinations may involve further pathology, microbiology, molecular biology, haematology and immunology-based tests.