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Jeeva Pet Hospital incepted by Dr.Nagesh Reddy in 2004 is a complete one stop pet care for your pets. It  is committed to provide quality pet care throughout the life of the  pet. Jeeva Pet Hospital is designed with facilities and services to assist in routine preventive care for young pets , early detection and treatment of disease as your pet ages and complete medical, surgical care for their entire life.

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Dr.Nagesh Reddy

Experienced Surgeons

At Jeeva Pet Hospital, the team consists of skilled and experienced Veterinary surgeons. By incorporating the latest and up-to-date practices, technologies and techniques, every pet which comes into the clinic is treated safe and comfortable during the procedure. Our surgical services include stomach and intestinal, bladder, eye, orthopaedic, wound repairs and mass removal etc.. For more procedures that demand specialists and extreme sensitivity, we have experts who come on demand.

Emergency & Critical Care

Emergency and Critical Care is a specialty to save your pet's life. Any acute life threatening disease or any injury will need prompt emergency care. It may also additionally require many days for the process to run its course before recovery occurs. Our CCU with a vigilant team by specially trained Veterinarians will provide quality care for your pet.

Post Operative Care

Pets cannot tell their pain to us and hence we provide significant pain relief surgery including by injections, oral tablets, drips on the skin. By nursing them we ensure that they are very comfortable and successful after recovery.

Pain Removed, Life Improved

Laser Therapy

We offer the latest technology in healthcare for your pet. This FDA cleared, deep penetrating, light allows relief of pain through the release of endorphin and stimulates the injured cells to heal at a faster rate. When choosing a treatment option for your pet there is now an alternative to pharmaceuticals. The Laser system can provide immediate results without any dangerous side effects.

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